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Wasteful Spending


Last year, during the current COVID pandemic, the City Council approved $1.4 million for one-time bonuses to non-public safety employees. This included a bonus of $1,700 to themselves. In addition, the City had to borrow $8.3 Million from the Public Works Commission (PWC). Why? The current City administration is only concerned with spending money, not with how and where it is spent. A large portion of the Fayetteville community is struggling just to pay their monthly bills, and the Council doesn’t seem to be too concerned. I intend to cut the waste and pork in many city projects and spending. Let’s focus the money on where it needs to go, to those that need it most.

Helping Small Businesses and Taxes


Many local businesses have been hurt by the current pandemic. Fayetteville has a higher property tax rate than Raleigh and Charlotte. Why is this? Many businesses downtown were physically and financially destroyed during last year’s riots, where is the their assistance from the city?

As a Councilmember, I will look at reducing the municipal tax rates for local and small businesses so that they can get back on their feet and thrive. Allocating Federal funds to those most affected by the pandemic and helping Fayetteville residents stay in their homes.

Strengthening the Police

Morale within the Fayetteville Police Department is at an all time low. The Department manning rate is below 85%. The Chief of Police sends recruiting teams out of state to bring in potential recruits. The Chief stood down the Department during the rioting and looting last year. Why?

Leadership starts from the top. New and Effective leadership is needed in the department to help repair the current toxic environment. Officers at all levels need to know that the Chief works for and is accountable to them and the citizens of Fayetteville, not for BLM, the Mayor, or City Council. Officers need to know that their Chain of Command has their back and that they will be professionally trained and resourced so that they can go out and accomplish their duties.