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I was born in Los Angeles, California, the second of 4 kids. Mom was a homemaker. Dad worked as an X-ray Repairman. Being a 1st generation American, my parents came to the US in hopes of providing the American Dream to their children. I grew up believing and achieving that dream through hard work and perseverance. My love for my country led me to want to serve and enlisting in the US Army. I was headed to Basic Training less than two weeks after High School graduation.

I learned many lessons in a 20-year Army career, duty, discipline, responsibility, and leadership. Hard work and sacrifice allowed me to rise within the ranks, complete my college degrees, and be commissioned through Officer Candidate School. I was proud to serve my country through three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Over my military career, I grew to love Fayetteville and Fort Bragg. I chose to stay after retirement looking to serve my community in any capacity.  My faith and my family have enabled me to overcome many challenges in life and are the bedrock of my character.

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Now I seek to serve my fellow citizens as a City Councilman, ensuring that their hard-earned taxpayer dollars are wisely spent and administered. I look to strengthen our Department, ensuring that our brave officers are properly resourced. I look to make City government responsive to the people, not to special interests.

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